New Streetscape Completed

The Stanardsville Streetscape Enhancement project has been completed.  New sidewalks, redbrick-patterned crosswalks, colonial-style streetlights, benches, stone retaining walls, and landscaping have transformed Main Street to make the Town safer for pedestrians and far more attractive.   We have received many positive comments from the community, especially from business owners and residents in the Town.   These physical improvements are the first step in the overall goal to revitalize the economy of the Stanardsville area.

This is just Phase I as the Mayor and Town Council wish to continue to apply for federal grants for additional streetscape improvements within the Town.  And Phase II is in the offing.  VDOT has encouraged the Town to apply for additional grant funds to extend the sidewalk network at either end of Main Street: from Celt Road to Pioneer Bank on the west side and from Rectory Lane to Madison Road on the east side.  With the assistance of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, an application has been submitted and we expect to hear whether a grant has been awarded this June.

It is hoped that a grant of some amount will be awarded and will include sufficient funds to allow construction of the west end extension.  That segment is the Town’s priority as it is one of the most heavily traveled by pedestrians, who now walk in the west-bound traffic lane to go from the center of Town to the schools or the shopping center.

Whatever funds are awarded, they will require a 20% match from local government and individuals.  We hope we will have broad-based support from the community so that we will be able to obtain the necessary local contribution towards this project.

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