Town, County Send Truck Route Letter to VDOT

The Town of Stanardsville continued its long-standing efforts to restrict through truck traffic on Main Street by asking VDOT to recommend that truckers use Rte. 29 and Rte. 33 Bypass, rather than Rte. 230.  On July 31st, Mayor Gary Lowe and Greene County Administrator, John Barkley, sent a letter to the Culpeper District Administrator, John Lynch, requesting that VDOT erect Truck Route signs at Rte. 230’s intersection with Rte. 29, south of Madison, and at the Rte. 33 Bypass intersection with Business 33 west of Stanardsville.

Last year, in accordance with VDOT procedures, the Town and the County Board of Supervisors requested a total ban on through tractor-trailers on Main Street, but the Board rescinded that request after VDOT’s engineering study showed that the Rte. 230 and Main Street intersection was not a reasonable alternative route due to “severely limited maneuverability” for trucks turning right from Business 33 onto Rte. 230.  Mayor Lowe has consistently said that intersection is unsafe for tractor-trailers turning in any direction, and that the intent was for through trucks to use Rtes. 29 and the Bypass.

Since such a Truck Route recommendation would affect Madison County, the Mayor has discussed the matter with Madison’s Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission, but no decision has yet been made.

The July 31st letter asks VDOT to consider adopting a Truck Route recommendation in order to achieve the Town’s objective of limiting truck traffic in downtown Stanardsville.  VDOT can recommend that trucks not travel on certain roads due to “undesirable conditions” which truckers are encouraged to avoid.   It is a recommendation, not a requirement, and therefore is unenforceable.

The full text of the letter can be found here:  Truck ltr to VDOT’s Lynch


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