Phase II Streetscape Project Begins

Stanardsville’s Phase II Streetscape project, extending the new sidewalk network on the north side of Main Street to Pioneer Bank on the west and to Madison Road on the east, officially began on October 13 when Mayor Gary Lowe signed the formal Project Agreement with VDOT, which means the awarded federal grant funds of approximately $350,00 have been obligated to the project.   The Town of Stanardsville is the Project Sponsor and designated *STAR* as the Project Manager, as it was for Phase I.   The Town Council also assigned to *STAR* the responsibility for raising the required local match and facilitating the Town’s financial management duties as fiscal agent for the project.

The *STAR* Board will meet on Nov. 3rd to begin the process of implementing Phase II, which will include establishing a design committee, meeting with property owners, hiring an engineering firm, and holding public meetings to hear from the community about the planned sidewalk extensions.

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