Supporter Update

*STAR* Supporter Update

Restoring Its Vitality… Retaining Its Charm… Helping Its People

November, 2015

Stanardsville received great news this week for its revitalization efforts. The Department of Housing and Community Development awarded a grant of up to $35,000 for continuing its revitalization planning. Stanardsville’s Mayor, Gary Lowe, *STAR*’s Executive Director, Roy Dye and the Management Team (see below) are to be congratulated!

This grant will be devoted to creating an updated plan for downtown business revitalization, leading to a full Community Improvement Grant (CIG) application due in March 2016. The $35,000 will cover expenses for retaining consultants with appropriate design and planning skills to work with local businesses and residents. Together we will develop a plan that reflects new needs and opportunities that might be funded by the CIG. Preliminary thinking for this plan includes:

  • Reducing blight in area housing
  • Assisting business owners with façade improvements
  • Marketing efforts to attract new businesses
  • Re-launch of the farmers’ market in a covered structure that can also be used for other purposes
  • A small park for rest, play and possibly entertainment
  • Other Stanardsville improvement efforts that will “Restore its vitality… Retain its charm… Help its people”

As required by DHCD, a Management Team has already been formed, it helped to create the Planning Grant application. We are delighted to have the participation of Main Street business owners, local residents, students from William Monroe High School, Town and County officials. Public meetings will be held to obtain your ideas for how Stanardsville can build on its main advantages and become even more attractive to residents, entrepreneurs and visitors.

As we work on this new planning grant, we are also working on Phase II of our street improvement project. Our current VDOT grant and its follow-on will extend sidewalks, lighting and landscaping west from Celt Road to the shopping center and east from where Phase I left off at Rectory Lane to Madison Road – all on the north side of Main Street.

The VDOT grant for $360,000 must be matched by $90,000 in local funds. Generous donors have already contributed or pledged over $50,000. We will soon begin a campaign to raise the balance.

For the many of you who have contributed to Stanardsville’s revitalization you should be proud of what your dollars have achieved. We thank you for your support. We welcome new contributors to either *STAR*’s operating funds or to the matching grant.

Please send your contributions to *STAR*, P.O. Box 838, Stanardsville, VA 22973. If you have questions, please contact Roy Dye at 409-5796 or me at 990-1958.

We also congratulate the Greene County Historical Society on the opening of the new museum at 360 Main Street, and the Greene Art Guild on the opening of the new Palette Gallery in the shopping center.

Thank you for your continuing support of *STAR*

Don Pamenter, President

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